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Insulating rafters in 1920's bungalow

Hi Everyone,

This is a question that I've been seeking a solution to for some time. It's also my first post....I hope someone can help.

I have a 1924 bungalow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (i.e. cold winters and sometimes hot summers). It has a walk up attic, but the peak height for standing is 5'6". It has two dormers with windows, no soffet vents, and a powered attic vent. The floor is tongue and groove douglas fir and I believe there is insulation under the floor.

The temperature does fluctuate a lot because of the new roof. I remodeled my basement several years ago and lost a lot of storage. So, I would like to use the attic for more storage, but I don't want to insulate the floor because of the low height.

Can I insulate the rafters? I have read in another post about using a styrofoam piece between the rafters to allow for air flow. I don't have soffet vents, so will I need to add some? I am hesistant to do that because I have stained beadboard outside, but I am more interested in usable storage and willing to do what is necessary.

Sorry, for the long post, but I wanted to give you as much info as I could.

Thanks for the help,

Re: Insulating rafters in 1920's bungalow

If it is just for storage why worry about insulating the attic ?:)

Re: Insulating rafters in 1920's bungalow
canuk wrote:

If it is just for storage why worry about insulating the attic ?:)

Well, mainly to help insulate the house because I'm not sure that the insulation in the ceiling is all that good. Since I don't want to remove the floor and would like somewhat stable temperatures in the attic, I thought insulating the rafters was the best solution.

Hoping to find some advice...

Re: Insulating rafters in 1920's bungalow

Only foam the roof deck if you are going to make the attic
heated space , otherwise put more insulation in the floor of
the attic and make this a cold space in the winter . You
also have a power vent in the roof which will have to be
removed if you insulate the roof deck . The attic can only be one or the other , useable heated space or unuseable which
is an air space betwwen you and the great outdoors . Make
sure you have someone look at these soffit vents before you
install them .
I dont know if I have helped you or just made it more confusing ?

Robin .

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