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Insulating Old Brick Home Please Help

Hello everyone. My mother bought a beautiful townhouse in washington dc. Many homes here are old bricked homes. We have a brick home; no attic and no basement. Though the house sits like a foot or two high with a crawl space underneath. It's a pretty small crawl space. Also I notice there are cold drafts coming through; from behind the sinks...shoot even up through our new wooden floors. The downstairs is always cold and theres always a draft in certain areas. upstairs tend to be a little warm but I can tell the furnace is having trouble. I go to other peoples brick homes and I sit in the downstairs area and its warm and it makes me feel sad sometimes reminding why can't I help my mother get her dream home as warm. Someone came to add insulaton to the brick wallk in the interior but it only helped slightly. I feel like all the warm air is escaping RIGHT through the floor. The walls can be insulated a little better but i can feel the freezing cold coming through the floors...

please can someone help me so I can help my mother. This is her dream home and she's about to give up on it. I'm sure this may cost money but I'm willing ot put the time money and effort to help her. though I would rather spend money wisely. Is there someone who can tell me what I can look for besides windows and my floor of where warm air could be escaping. Is there a tool or gadget that can detect where all the warm air is going?...please help

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