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Insulating interior walls and ceilings/Floors.

Ok! So I read a bunch or threads on insulating interior walls and ceiling, but none of them said if it was good or useful.

I have a split level that I am remodeling. I was curious if I should insulate the ceiling/floor. I have never seen this before and a freind told me that when his house was inspected the inspector checked for this. When I bought my house the inspector didn't. I live in North West Montana and it can get kinda cold in the winter. I not sure that this would help since we live in both upstairs and downstairs. I suppose it would help as a sound barrier. Any advice would be great!


Re: Insulating interior walls and ceilings/Floors.

Ditto what jkirk mentions.

The exception would of course be if there was a crawl space accessable from the outside.
Typically the basement area is usually considered conditioned space.

A. Spruce
Re: Insulating interior walls and ceilings/Floors.

I would also agree with what's been offered, and add that any interior wall insulation will help in sound deadening, however if your purpose is for sound deadening, then there are a few extra steps that should be taken other than just putting a little insulation inside the wall.

Re: Insulating interior walls and ceilings/Floors.

Thanks for the replys. That was what I thought and now I even have some more food for thought. Sound board was one Item I had researched as the basement will have a rockin home entertainment system in it.

Thanks everyone.

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