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Insulating & finishing attic help appreciated.

First time homeowner here! Recently purchased a large farmhouse style home from 1852. In the process of finishing the attic and I've run across my first major hurtle. I naively bought R19 rolls and put them in the rafter bays. I had to do 2x per bay because my house has 30 inch rafter spacing. The bays are only 8 inch deep so I thought r30 would be too thick.

The space has knee walls and a small ceiling on the top.

Now for the major problems.
I have 2x gable vents and no ridge vent.
Where my rafters meet the wall of the house there is basically a squared off tree, too hard to put soffet vents in.
However right below where the rafter meets the wall, there is a 3 foot wall before the floor/ joists.

My questions!
Can I install some sort of vent through the siding maybee 2-3 and get fresh air into the insulated knee wall area? Will that provide sufficient airflow up to the ceiling area?
Will gable vents be ok for now? roof has about 5-8 years of life left and I don't want to tear into it yet?
Or will this setup no help with insulation purposes all that much?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Re: Insulating & finishing attic help appreciated.

Your thread is a little hard to follow. Please clarify and use knee wall for the short interior wall that goes from the floor to the rafters and exterior wall for the outside wall of the house that the rafters ultimately sit on and terminate at.

Do you have any overhang and explain the part about the "basically squared off tree".

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