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Insulating in extremely shallow crawlspace

I wonder if anyone here knows how to solve this problem. My husband and I bought a 109 year old Folk Victorian three years ago. (It's 109 now--107 when we bought it.)

One thing the inspector did not check, and we did not think to question, was insulation under the main floor. There is none. Ordinarily, it would be simple to remedy, but our crawlspace is very shallow. Toward the back of the house, there is room to scoot along on your back with room to reach the joists freely. The closer you get to the front, it becomes impossible.

Short of taking a shovel and digging out a trench as we go to access it, are there any other options for insulating the main floor? We even considered laying rigid foam over the existing floor and then installing a whole new floor over it! (A person gets pretty desperate when its 19 degrees outside.)

Re: Insulating in extremely shallow crawlspace

I would call a local company that does spray foam insulation, see what they have done on other homes in your area. they might be able to drill a few holes in the floor and foam from above?

Re: Insulating in extremely shallow crawlspace

Spray foam insulation would be a good product for this situation.

Personally I'm having a hard time imagining spraying foam from above to the underside of the floor effectively or at all.

They may be able to spray from underneath providing they have the availble extension or clearance for the gun. It's important to have proper coverage ...... any half-assed application will be useless in that area.
Depending on the what the crawlspace walls are and if this space is ventelated you might also insulate the perimeter walls ..... this will greatly help if this space isn't open vented during the winter.

You would also want to cover the ground with a plastic vapor barrier as well.

Side note ..... I would have to say if the ground is that close to the underside of the floor you may have larger problems than worrying about too cold of a floor ...... rotting floor components.

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