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Insulating concrete bathroom floor

After we have sealed the existing concrete bathroom floor, we will be installing a low-voltage heating system, a sheet of plastic that heats the floor. We will be installing tile over this sheet of plastic. What is the best way to insulate the floor under this heating element in order to prevent heat loss into the concrete?

Timothy Miller
Re: Insulating concrete bathroom floor

Howdy, are you adding a GFI- Ground fault interupter and or an AFI arc fault interupter to the wiring of the heating elelment to avoid eletrical shock bath floors get wet with wet people on them who then conduct elelctricity real well.
Otherwise drop dead gourgis comes to mind... Sorry but needed a chuckel.
Natural convection, and conduction will take the heat up out of the floor. If you can access under the floor, not slab on grade, add insullation below it.
If clearance allows it add foam board over cement under the heating element- after you verify that it will not melt the foam....

Re: Insulating concrete bathroom floor

Not much info from me, i'm just agreeing with the above. Most people usually insulate under the concrete or add foam pellets to the concrete mixture.

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