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Insulating an attic with an original maple tongue and grove floor.


This is my first post in TOH and I will try to be as detailed as possible. I have read all of the posts concerning adding insullation to an attic but don't quite know what to do with mine. So;

My home is located in the NorthEast and was built in 1908. The attic is a walk up with stairs and door from an upstairs room, the door has been sealed. I have fabricated a a cargo hole door to seal the attic from the stair well. You can stand in the attic but it is not large by any means. There are no sofit vents, no ridge rents, and no roof vents. Three small windows, 12*24" are located under each gable side, there are three, two are replacements which open, one is original and does not.

The ceiling joists are 2*5, true, and are covered by a maple tongue and groove flooring that you you be proud to have in any main room in your house. There seems to be some loose fill between the joists and the floor but nothing substantial. I have had blow-in company look and they couldn't do it as a lot of old knob and tube, all not functioning, don't worry, still run through the joists.

There are no moisture issues, no mold issues. The windows are closed most of the time. During the summer the attic gets hot, very very hot. I would say 20-30 degrees warmer then the outside. Is this a circulation issue? The house, however, does stay nice and cool. We rarely use A/Cs.
We have de-clutered and have an empty attic. Although I don't know for sure, I would assume that adding proper insulation to the attic would help with heating costs and that is my main reason for the post.

Can I add un-faced bat insulation over the old floor to bring the R-Value up to where it should be? I know it's a little old house sentimentality, but it would kill me if I had to rip up that floor.

Thank you in advance for all your advise

Re: Insulating an attic with an original maple tongue and grove floor.

What you describe will work, but the usual solution to add more insulation to an attic while keeping a floor is to cross-lay new joists above the old, insulate under that, then floor above. You could reuse that old maple flooring as far as you can save it during the demo though it's not likely to be 100% salvageable. That will take extra time and money if you're paying to have it done. Were it me I'd salvage what I could, add the cross-joists, floor with 3/4" plywood or Advantek, then keep the maple for repairs or other projects elsewhere. Ain't nobody gonna see the attic anyway ;)


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