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Insulate an old porch roof

I'm looking to insulate an old porch roof that has an enclosed ceiling with beadboard. Porch dimensions are 32' wide x 8' (located in Northern Delaware / southwest facing).

I will be installing two ceiling fans on either end and will be cutting two new 4" holes to install them (plus I have a 4" hole currently in the center of the porch for the existing light). My thoughts were to use blown in insulation to fill the roof. Are there any suggestions for the type of insulation to use? My goal is to access the inside part of the roof through the holes that will be cut and not disturb the old beadboard since I don't want to ruin it.

Re: Insulate an old porch roof

Can you access the porch roof through the existing attic? You might have to cut a hole for that, but it will allow you better access to do a better job with the insulation. It's also a code requirement now so that in the event of a fire, the firefighters can get into that area unhindered.

It will be hard (if not impossible) to do a decent insulation job as you describe since you won't be be to see or direct he hose carrying the blown-in. Alternative access could be removing some shingles and sheathing above or removing siding if there's a gable end on the porch. Personally I'd use bats there if I could because if there's a a split tongue or other hole anywhere in the T&G ceiling you might have insulation working it's way out through it. You'll also need to maintain clear areas over the electrical boxes to prevent fixture overheating.


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