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Insulate Fireplace?

The fireplace in my townhouse isnt working anymore and needs to be replaced. This past winter my wife and I noticed a lot of drafts coming through the fireplace and decided that when we replaced the fireplace, we would re-insulate it to try to remove some of those drafts.

The fireplace is a vent free fireplace and is installed in a doghouse, or a cutout in the side of the house. Im assuming that when it was originally installed, there was never any insulation put in the doghouse.

There is probably at least a foot clearance between the 2x4s in the doghouse and the sides of the fireplace. How should I properly insulate this? Anyone have any recommendations of what type of insulation to use?

I have also used the "insulation in a can" in my garage to plug up drafts coming through the garage into the house and it worked wonderfully. Its sold at home depot and lowes and made by DOW. Does anyone know of anything like that which would be good to insulate cracks in the doghouse around my fireplace?

Timothy Miller
Re: Insulate Fireplace?

Howdy consider contacting your local building department for advice on clearance requirements for insulation in this chimney cavity.

Re: Insulate Fireplace?

Just incase anyone comes across the same problem, when we took out the existing fireplace, you could see cracks of light from the outside.

I went to Lowe's and found a fireproof black caulk, that is resistant up to 2000F which I used to fill in the cracks to the outside. I have about a two foot clearance from the back of the fireplace to the wall where the caulk is and Im very confident that this is a good solution to my draft problems.

Re: Insulate Fireplace?

I your fireplace electric? does it put off heat?

Re: Insulate Fireplace?

Its a vent free gas fireplace. It puts off heat.

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