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Insulate Basement Ceiling in Georgia?

I have been unable to find any really definitive information about the cost effectiveness of insulating the ceiling of my unfinished basement in my house here in the Atlanta, GA area.

From what I have read through Google searches on the Internet, it seems that most everyone (federal agencies, state agencies, builders, etc.) agrees that it is a good idea to insulate the ceiling of basements in the colder states north of the Carolinas.

But, I have only found conflicting (some say yes, some say no) about the advisability of insulating basement ceilings here in Georgia. The experts all seem to agree that it is cost effective to insulate the walls of the unfinished basement, but many of the experts say that the only benefit of insulating the basement ceiling is to lessen noise between floors of the house. And, they go on to say that insulating the basement ceiling will never recover its costs through heating or cooling savings. However, it isn't really clear whether their opinions on the cost effectiveness of insulating basement ceilings are based on anything other than semi-educated guesswork.

Before I spend $1,000 for R-19 or R-13 batts for my basement ceiling, I would really like to see some hard facts about whether this may be a waste of money. Does anyone know of any real, honest-to-goodness research that has been done on insulating vs. not insulating basement ceilings in climates like Georgia's?

Re: Insulate Basement Ceiling in Georgia?

Considering that it probably doesn't get nearly as cold where you are compared to up here in the Great White North ... it isn't all that common to insulate the upper floor space above the basement around here.
Mostly insulation would be used for acoustical issues rather than a thermo barrier.... though it won't hurt.

Since a basement will be in the neighborhood of 55 - 65 + degrees it shouldn't be that much of an issue with cold floors upstairs.... warm air rises.
One area that should be considered for insulating is the perimeter rim joist and to ensure that area is also free of drafts. This area contributes greatly to cold floors.
Another area that will create cold floors is drafty areas around the base of the upstairs perimeter walls.

Just 2 cents worth.:)

Re: Insulate Basement Ceiling in Georgia?

Try this site

The insulation issue down here in the south tends to help more with moisture and keeping your home cool in the AC season.So insulating will not hurt however sealing from infiltration would be the first thing you should do.Find an energy audit pro in Atlanta. I can help you locate one if you need to talk to someone.


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