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Insulate a 100 yr. old house

Please tell me where to get information of how to insulate (without spending a fortune)a 100 yr. old house that has no real access to the underside of the roof, a tile over metal roof, is 3 stories high, and the outside all brick with inside all plaster. HELP! It's really cold in the winter, even with a double furnace.

Re: Insulate a 100 yr. old house

We've got a two-story with wood siding, plaster interior. Years ago I used a hole saw from the inside, bored every stud bay and blew in cellulose for the top floor. First floor I pulled two rows of siding, but you can't do that. Lots of holes to fill, but it's a real opportunity for new wallpaper borders to cover them up!

What do you mean, "no access to the underside of the roof"? You don't have an attic with access? You don't want the insulation directly on the roof, you need it on the attic floor/top floor's ceiling.

Re: Insulate a 100 yr. old house

There should be an access area to the attic. Most of them are in a closet. Look in each closet for a hatch to the attic. We own a five story apt building and I had to create two hatchs by sawing out a hatch between two joists. I then by using trim and a piece of plywood created a hatch to the attic to insulate this building. I put one hatch in each one of the four apartments and then using a machine blew ground up newspapers into the attic
for insulation. This is a DIY thing but you can hire a pro.

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