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Installing a wood floor

I want to replace carpeting in a small bedroom with a painted wood floor. I'm trying to achieve a kind of country cottage look. Does anyone know what width and length the boards should be so the floor will look "old".

Re: Installing a wood floor

teh width should be 8-10 inches and destressed a bit to make them look bangedup.. as for length you should just use random lenghts, makes it look more random basically

A. Spruce
Re: Installing a wood floor
jkirk wrote:

as for length you should just use random lenghts, makes it look more random basically

If these are just any old board and not milled flooring, then you'll want to split the planks over joists so that the ends are fully secured. You can still use random lengths, you just make sure that whatever the length is, it ends in the middle of a joist.

Re: Installing a wood floor

A couple other ideas to give an old time look:

You might use forged cut nails rather than modern nails.

You might bore holes with a forstner bit, fasten the boards with a screw in the center of the hole and then insert a wooden plug to give a pegged plank look.

You might consider using curved bladed pull sc****rs to give the boards an ld hand hewn look.

Finally, you might consider giving and old fashioned shellac and paste wax finish to impart a rich patina that modern urethanes can't match.

I once worked on a Tudor Style mansion which had pegged floors throughout the entire second floor. The owners elected to do just this shellac/wax treatment over a dark stain, rather than sand the floors totally flat and give them a plastic looking urethane finish. I must say they were beautiful when they were done! But then, they paid $4 million for that house and spent another $2 million rehabbing it. I had a crew there from September trough May and the final decorating bill was over $160K. Nice if you have it! :)

Re: Installing a wood floor

Ah, the days of custom building and "money's no object"...
Will we live long enough to experience them again?

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