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installing water softener drain hose

i would like to tie the drain hose into the sewer line. it is a 3/8" drain line. the sewer line runs above the water softner. i plan on putting the hole for the drain on the top of the sewer line. what can i do to attach the drain line??

when the softener regenerates, i need to make sure the line does not pop out the sewer line.

i do not want to ru the line into the sump. it will kill the grass. i have a lagoon to use for the drain.

Re: installing water softener drain hose

I believe the drain must be below the softener. You could switch to potassium based "salt" instead of sodium based for your softener, it won't kill the grass.

Re: installing water softener drain hose

The discharge line can run over the softener's head. Something like 4', IIRC. Check your manual for specfics.

Is this drain line cast iron or PVC?

The overflow drain line from the brine tank is another issue. It can't run overhead without a condensate pump or similar........or the tank would simply overflow onto the floor.

Re: installing water softener drain hose

the manual states 8' for the drain line. the brine overflow line is sitting in a bucket.

the sewer line is PVC and there was a screw-in cap in the line.

what i did was drilled a 1/2" hole for the drain line in the cap. i then put the drain line through the hole and added a small hose clamp on the drain line so it would not come out. the line is just inside the cap so it would not obstruct the flow from the toilets. i also added a clamp on the outside. this holds it in place.

so far, so good.

another project off the list, 100's more to go!!!!

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