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installing shutters on vinyl siding

We are having some vinyl shutters installed on our vinyl sided house next week. The installer says that he cannot install them in the same holes the old shutters used because the existing holes wont hold a screw again after the old shutters are removed. Is this true or does he just want to drill new holes because it would be easier? I really don't want new holes drilled into my siding unless it is absolutely necessary.

Re: installing shutters on vinyl siding

Tell him/her to show you want he/she means, show an example.

Now, if more holes have to be drilled, I want to know how the old holes are being sealed and hopefully they are covered by the new shutters right? Right.

I havent done this but it seems difficult to use the same holes, even if it did grab.

Re: installing shutters on vinyl siding

I had this problem, mostly because the holes did not line up (I don't know about the screws holding, but that was irrelevant in my case).

My new shutters, on white siding, covered up the old holes. What I did then before I started was to take a good, white (could use clear or colored) silicone caulk and go through the old screw holes in the siding and caulk the old screw holes holes in the wood. I then put a dab of caulk over the old screw holes in the siding. This worked because I made a minimal cut in the end of the tube of caulking, and when I pushed this into the siding hole it went right into the holes in the old wood (OSB).

With the new shutters, I put a generous amount of caulk on the back of the screws as they went through the shutters, so as to seal up where they went in the siding and in the wood (OSB in my case).


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