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Installing a privacy fence on uneven ground

I bought my home last year and the previuos owner started putting up a wooden privacy fence well lets say he did a very bad job. Nothing was in a straight line, so now I want to do it right. What I have a question on is the putting in the posts, the ground is uneven and slopes in one corner. I didnt really notice this untill i ran a line from one end to the other. So my main question is should the amount of post sticking out of the ground be even all the way across, lets say 6' from the ground to the top of the post or should I make the post touch the top of the string? Sorry for the long rant but I every thing I read is for a nice level lot.

Thank you

Re: Installing a privacy fence on uneven ground
Re: Installing a privacy fence on uneven ground

How much " fall " does the yard have ?

Re: Installing a privacy fence on uneven ground

Not sure of the exact slope but I know its more then 6", but its not just the corner slope I'm worried about there are high and low spots all across where the fence will go.

A. Spruce
Re: Installing a privacy fence on uneven ground

I would tend to put the posts on the "hills" and frame the fence for the "valleys". By doing this you can keep the top of the pickets straight and cut the bottoms to fit the contour of the ground. You may want to purchase a longer picket so that the fence height on the "hills" is at 6' and the valleys get longer boards cut to length. Another method would be to use a horizontal board along the bottom to elevate the pickets and cut the horizontal board to the contour and still utilize 6' pickets. I would also recommend using steel posts such as the Postmaster. They will make for a permanent fence, and IMHO, they're much easier to set than a wood post. :)

Re: Installing a privacy fence on uneven ground

I'm with Spruce on this . Keep the top level and cut the board to height . 8 foot long boards are available for the " valleys .

Re: Installing a privacy fence on uneven ground


If you are talking about installing a wooden stockade fence---yes, it's widely done by simply following the slope of the land.

Be sure to talk to your neighbor before you start about what you intend to do & get his/her verbal approval---avoid building any part of the fence on the neighbor's property.

Forget about using a string to get the posts level with each other.

These fences are installed ONE POST AND ONE SECTION AT A TIME---and that's how you have to proceed.

The round PT posts are typically 8" long and have pre-drilled holes in order to accept the top, middle & bottom rails from the fence sections.

At least one 3" deck screw is drilled into each section connecting the post to each one of the 3 rails to insure the sections don't separate over the years.

Thus, start at the top of the hill with the post hole digger & dig your first hole ~ 2' deep, place some small rocks or crushed stone in bottom of hole & insert post.

Insert the stockade panel & check that there is an inch or two clearance at the bottom of the panel from the ground to allow the wind to get under & prevent contact with the ground---you will probably have to adjust the height of the post by adding/removing some crushed stone until you get the height exactly right.

Insert the deck screws connecting the post to the 3 rails when the right height is obtained.

Dig a hole for the 2nd post at a point where it will connect to the other side of the stockade panel, dump in the stones, use a hammer to bang the post to the rail sections & again secure post/rails with deck screws.

You can follow this method all the way down the slope till you're done--you can use a portion of a panel at the property line if a full one won't fit, by cutting a panel where needed.

I have a stockade fence done this way that's been out there 30 years & it's still doing fine.

Some people spray or paint a clear polyurethane on the fence to prolong the life of the wood & prevent rot.

Thin, long slivers of stone can be pounded in with a hammer or baby sledge hammer along the base of the posts if any posts remain loose, or loosen in coming months from the wind.

Re: Installing a privacy fence on uneven ground

i do,nt understand what you say plz tell in detail :confused:

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