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Installing a new shower w/ only 7' ceilings

Dear TOH Members,

As I posted in a previous thread, I just moved into a house built in 1902 and the ceilings on the second floor are only about 7 feet high. Whoever "updated" the shower did a very lousy job, which we now need to re-do.

Two questions:
1) Any links/thoughts on a good shower design that is comfortable? I'm only 5'8", yet I still have to bend down to shower.

2) Ventilation - Since the ceiling is so low, the paint over the shower is peeling due to the condensation. What, if anything, can be done to protect the ceiling? I just don't want chunks of plaster (or drywal) falling on my head.:eek:


Re: Installing a new shower w/ only 7' ceilings

hmmm, well my bathroom has a sofit over the shower which lowers it to the same height you are talking about. My shower is a prefab one piece with sliding doors. I would love to have the extra arm room that the molded walls take up.

I've been in showers much smaller though. a prefab one piece with that created a fully contained unit even over head.

So you want more space? Is there a closet or room next door you can take over? or shorten by a foot or two? Or are you really wishing that you had more head room?

A tile shower without a deep shower pan would give you a little extra wiggle room.

Taking out the ceiling might be something you could do too. Exposing the beams and painting them would offer you the feeling of space you want while keeping the structural integrity of your roof.

As far as the moisture, it's time to update your ventilation. A stronger fan vented to the outside and use it all the time.

Re: Installing a new shower w/ only 7' ceilings

I have a Kohler one piece with sliddind doors. It's right at 7 foot. With it being completely enclosed the shower head can be install close to the top or through the top if you prefer. I'm 5'10'' and don't have to stoop in it.

Re: Installing a new shower w/ only 7' ceilings

Thanks for the info. I'm heading out to Lowes and see what they have.

We have two kids, which means I need to keep the Bathtub so they can take a bath. And I didn't mean I need to stoop to get into the shower. The shower head is pretty low, so when I wash my hair, I need to stoop. Not a huge deal, but... anyways.

I like the idea of busting the ceiling. Overall, it would be nice to get a crane, attach a chain to the roof, sawzall the circumference of the second floor, and raise the ceilings by a few feet. Somehow I don't think it would pass inspection.


Re: Installing a new shower w/ only 7' ceilings

We also have a house built in the early 1900's and it has a 7 ft ceiling upstairs. Since this is my first time on this site I was really happy to see someone has a similar problem. We NEED a bathroom with shower upstairs so I need advice on how feasible is it. Thanks mamafly

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