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Installing new bathroom fan w/ light and night light

Hey all,

I am new to this forum - and I recently just bought a house that was built in the 60's so i've had quiet a fun journey so far. Recently had an electircal replace all of my outlets with grounded outlets and upgraded me to a 200amp service.

Currently, I have 2 switches that control the bathroom fan (fan and light). I bought a new fan, that also has a light and a night light, so now I have three things I would like to control.

There is easy access to the wiring above the fan (attic) and then down through the wall via the attic.

My question is, how easy is it to make this new fan work? Would i need to run wires from the fan to the new switch? Would I be able to connect the switch to the existing power - or will I need to run a new wire from the box.

Any insight would be great.

MLB Construction
Re: Installing new bathroom fan w/ light and night light

right now i assume you have a 14/3 wire going from your fan to your switches so assuming that's the case.

currently at the fan, the whites are tied together as well as the grounds and the black wire goes to one switch and the red goes to the other switch, one controlling the fan and one controlling the light.

the easiest thing to do for wiring the new fan is to run one more wire, a 14/2 from the fan to the switch box in the wall. you will hook the other wires up the way they were and the new wire, at the fan, will be black to nightlight, white goes with all the other whites and ground with all the other grounds.

at the switch box, i would buy a double toggle switch, you get two switches that take up the space of a single switch, one on top, one on bottom. you will disconnect the power to the light switch and put it to the new double toggle switch. then hook up the feed for the light. then your new wire for the night light, in the switch box, will be white with the other whites, ground with the other grounds and the black will go to the other half of the double toggle switch to power the night light.

you don't have to do anything to the fan switch in the wall since it already operates independently.

hope you could follow all of this. that's the easiest way i can think of to do it.

A. Spruce
Re: Installing new bathroom fan w/ light and night light

What MLB said, only I would hook the main light switch to the single switch closest to the door, the fan switch to the top of the stacked switch and the night light to the bottom of the stacked switch. Reason being, the very first switch you always want to be the light, you don't want to be fumbling around in the dark to find the correct switch. Also, this is the typical set up, so everyone naturally reaches for the closest switch to the door for the light, whether you realize it or not.

What I would recommend is to do a little homework and then get back to us.
1 - What are all the colors of wire, both at the switch box and the fixture?
2 - How many wires are in each location?
3 - Does the power originate at the fixture or at the switch? This will affect how everything is wired, slightly.

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