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installing kitchen vent duct for already existing kitchen range

I live in condo style home. I have kitchen range and microwave is above it and they are placed against interior wall.
Rightnow, microwave fan is not connected to duct work to vent the hot air outside. and cabinets were hanged on the all the walls of kitchen.
the exterior wall is on the left side of kitchen range and microwave within 4 feet.
The only way we can install duct work for range is to run the duct work through cabinets to exterior wall on the left.

Will this type of ductwork to vent the hot air from kitchen range work ?
Is it allowed to run the duct work through kitchen cabinets?
if this design works, Are there any codes that we need to get approval from any authority for this type of work ?
which type of contractor will do this type of work ?
Any input on this will be appreciated.

Re: installing kitchen vent duct for already existing kitchen range

1- Where are you located?
2- Can you number your questions? it saves on typing and we aren't paid by the word. Come to think of it we aren't paid at all.
3- Yes it will work
4- Not a good idea as it can seriously impair the structural integrity of the cabinets.
5- Dunno where you live. Your local building inspector will answer that one for you. Use a pay phone or disposable cell to maintain anonymity.
6- A kitchen remodeler or decent handy man.
7- Is there room above the cabinets? an empty soffit perhaps?

Re: installing kitchen vent duct for already existing kitchen range

Houston is correct, we don't get paid here, we just doing this for love, except:

The range produces fumes, smells, heat and grease, so going thru cabinets is not a good idea. Question: can you possibly go up thruogh the roof? Also, the kitchen vent is a dedicated vent, meaning, it can only service the kitchen range.

In my city the code is very specific: "The total horizontal run of a vent must not be greater than 75% of the vertical height of the vent". Do you know what it means? it means that in Los Angeles you must go straight up about 5-1/2' if you want to go 4' horizontally and out.

What's above your ceiling?

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