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Installing Kitchen Cabinets

In a video Tom Silva mentions "Cabinet Washers" used on a 2 1/2" deck screw to fasten wall cabinets to the underlying wall stud. Do these "cabinet washers" have another name, or where can they be purchased. The local Lowes salesperson had no clue as to what they were.:) Help is appreciated. JK

Re: Installing Kitchen Cabinets

If you buy ready made cabinets, they will most likely come with a set of cabinet screws. But in case they don't, any old deck screw with a metal washer will do, as long as it's driven into a stud.

The washers Tom Silva mentioned are those screws with built in washers. Like 2 in 1. If Lowes or HD don't stock them, ask local cabinet makers.

Re: Installing Kitchen Cabinets

the washers your asking about are also known as finishing washers or screw gromets

the screw that dj mentioned is a washer head screw, its basically the same thing as a pocket hole screw or particle board screws. 1-1/4" washer head screws are typically used for "banking" cabinets, this means to screw two smaller cabinets together so they are flush before hanging them on the wall

Re: Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Thanks, this info give me a better chance of finding them.

Re: Installing Kitchen Cabinets

yah its one of those funny things, certain items have different names by region or simply by supplier...

get out framing houses with a few different crews and youll hear all sorts of different names for the same thing

Re: Installing Kitchen Cabinets

called screw trim washers

--- or you could use cabinet hanger screws

---- or you could use truss head screws

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