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Installing engineered wood floor on wall

Hi all,

I'm planning on sprucing up my bedroom by installing engineered wood floor on one wall. Unfortunately, I guess since this is not too common of a practice, there isn't a lot of instructions out there on how to accomplish this.

I was hoping somebody out there may have some advice on how to accomplish this. I was thinking of maybe just liquid nailing the boards to the drywall.

The other question is, do I have to leave room for expansion of the wood on the wall since it is engineered wood. If so, how much?

Thanks for the time reading this.

A. Spruce
Re: Installing engineered wood floor on wall

Rather than using engineered wood, I'd recommend using T&G and nailing it through the drywall, into the studs. You'll have a better looking finished product that you won't have to worry about falling off the wall. Using engineered flooring will be quite the feat, considering it doesn't slip together easily and it really needs to stay "floating"

Re: Installing engineered wood floor on wall

Thanks A.

To clarify this is engineered wood as in not solid wood, but a thin veneer over a (more or less) plywood base. Having said that, it is a tongue and groove floor and not a "click and lock" floating floor. This type of floor has to be nailed down or glued down, and cannot be floated.

The issue I am having with just nailing it into the studs, is that some of the boards may be shorter than the distance between two wall studs. Although, I'm thinking that all of the boards are at least 24" inches long, so each one should hit at least one stud.

Thanks again for the help...

A. Spruce
Re: Installing engineered wood floor on wall

I understand what engineered products are, and to my knowledge, they are not designed to be solidly fastened because they expand and contract more than solid wood. The tongue and grooves of most engineered flooring is either a "click lock" or a very tightly milled fit that requires a block and hammer to drive into place. A board with a T&G on it will slip together with relative ease.

Stud spacing shouldn't be an issue. Odds are, the wall you're working with is 16" on center. Because you're using T&G material, all the edges are locked together, so even if ends don't break on a stud, they are still captive by their companion planks.

Re: Installing engineered wood floor on wall

Some engineered wood floors, like BR-111, for isntance, and be glued down. If you want you can glue it onto drywall and use a few finish nails to hold it in place, or you can add a layer of plywood, and nail the whole thing to it. I think you could have quite an impressive and dramatic wall with a pre-finished hardwood. You could even blend two or more species/colors , etc.

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