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Installing deck over old patio

Hello all,

I'm considering installing a deck over the old concrete patio pictured below.

My first thought was to lay the deck on top but because it is cracked and has shifted over the years this probably isn't a good idea.

I could place support beams around the perimeter of the patio but what is the best solution for supporting the interior? Is drilling holes through the concrete realistic?

I could have the patio removed but this would likely be far too expensive.

Thanks for the help!


Timothy Miller
Re: Installing deck over old patio

Howdy, you can span this old patio with deck so you do not have to penetrate the cement at all. Consider installing posts outside of it and then floor joist above the cement, not resting on the cement, and skirt it with lattice. Would look real nice. I would install broad stpes up not narrow ones to lessen the change in elevation.

Re: Installing deck over old patio

I wouldn't be afraid to just lay it over the existing patio, shimming where you need to. You could drill and secure in a couple of spots, go over both sets of existing stairs, and frame in the trees, which will look really sweet. Start off with small masonry bits working to larger and anchor the frame down.

I wouldn't put rails on at all, and might place planters using timbers around the steeper side where you see cement, or you could just paint the cement.

Nice project where you can easily transform this into a nice little area you will enjoy.

Re: Installing deck over old patio

I agree with Tim Miller, go over the concrete and don't tie into it. That way you don't have to worry about the concrete moving and affecting the new deck. The lattice would look good on the side where the concrete is exposed and it would hide it pretty well.

Calcats ;)

Re: Installing deck over old patio

Thanks very much for the responses!

I'll probably draw up a plan and post it in the forum later.

I think the suggestion to forgo drilling into the concrete is probably best. Looking at how other deck frames are constructed I can see there should be no worry about support over the concrete.


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