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installing ceramic floor

?how would I go about laying the tile? First of all I have vinyl floor now should I rip up the vinyl and lay the ceramic tile on top of the quarter inch plywood or do I need a special board to lay down first?

Re: installing ceramic floor

Go to your home center and get a book on how to tile by Ed Byrne. Can't remember the exact title but it is the best book I have found. I did my bathroom, first tile job I ever did. I didn't follow all his instructions, I thought I figured out some better ways but now I know why to do it his way.

You know what they say, some learn by reading a book, the rest of us just have to pee on the fence for ourselves.

Sean M.
Re: installing ceramic floor

Hi Dan, I am new to the board but have done a fair amount of tile work.

I would only recommend tearing off the vinyl if it is loose or the subfloor is loose. If you can, screw down the floor in several areas to make sure that it is tight and not moving, go right through the vinyl and the underlayments. Then I would use Hardi backer, mortared and screwed down to the subfloor and subsequent joist below. I would use 1/2" Hardi backer if you have the height for the floor. I have used the 1/4" cement board and have had poor luck with it, I actually had to rip up a floor several years after installing it, as the grout joints were cracking.

Anyway, once the hardi backer is installed, install your tile per the recommendations from the manufacturer. I would use Mortar again, buttering the backside of the tile as well as the floor, tamping it down to assure a good adhesion and using the proper notched trowel. Install the tile in the pattern your looking for and grout from there.

This is very high level, but I think I touched the main points.:)

Good luck and I hope this helps.

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