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Instaling 3/4 inch glass tile backsplash


I'm going to installing a custom designed mosaic (from ModWalls.cm) glass backsplash in the kitchen. It'll be about 20 sq. ft, just underneath the kitchen cabinets and behind the oven/stove.

I already have the tile, grout (using StarGlass grout), and will be getting the thinset required for glass tile. However, I had a question about back-buttering. Since a single tile is only 3/4 inch, with the tiles in approximately 1' x 1' sq. ft. sheets, do I need to backbutter each tile? It seems rather difficult to do that so I was wondering if it is even practical and/or necessary?

Thank you.

Re: Instaling 3/4 inch glass tile backsplash

The idea for back buttering the tiles is so the lines from the trowel do not show up through the glass tile. So spread your polymer(latex) additive thin-set on the wall using maybe a 3/16 v-notch trowel then flatten out the ridges with the smooth side of the trowel, place tile and evenly embed into thinset. If you are getting to much thinset oozing out then you may have to switch to an 1/8 inch trowel. The important part is to see no bubbles or shadows behind the tiles. Also you may need spacers to keep sheets from sagging, I am high tech and use small pieces of the tile box folded if need be, just dont stick them in to far.


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