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info needed on porch foundation in old house

WE have an old house built in the early 1900's. The enclosed front porch is sagging and when we opened up the unheated crawl space, it looks like the porch is just built on wood 2x4's set right on the ground. Is this possible??

I'm wondering if there is an old footing that has sunk down, that we can't locate. The rest of the house has a concrete foundation that is in good condition. The porch is part of the original structure and has windows with storms and a hardwood floor.

It is just hard to believe that they would build it like this. Does anyone know if this was common practice?

Re: info needed on porch foundation in old house

It is possible that they put the 2x4's right on the ground but probably not if the porch was built when the house was. Maybe the porch was added at a later time by a previous owner who did not really know how to do it. Or its possible that over the years leaves have rotted under the porch making a lot of dirt so it appears there are no footings. Either way if it is sagging something has sunk and if it is really bad should be fixed. If you can dig out a little and you do find footings you could just jack up the floor and replace the posts with longer pressure treated ones. If however there are no footings you will need to dig out and put some in. This of course will not be fun or easy as you need to go down below the frost line in your area to do it correctly and up to code. At this point you may want to take up some floorboards to get at things easier. Hope this helps you out.


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