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Indoor Wood Furnace

I am thinking of installing an indoor wood furnace, Hot Blast Model, to use in the event of a power outage or alternative heat source to offset our utility bills. Our home is located in the Midwest so our winters are not severe and do not last as long as some. We live on heavily wooded acreage and our home is all electric. I do have a 10000 watt backup generator but the whole house heat is electric and would take too much to run off of a generator for an extended period of time. We do not have propane and installing that is not an option for us. My question is has anyone installed any model of a wood furnace that has the two 8 inch pipes that go into the central duct work and would you know if I can use this system with duct work that has insulation inside of it. Also how have they worked, if you do have one, are they reliable and how hard are they to install for an average to above average do it yourselfer. Thank you!

Re: Indoor Wood Furnace

Like any appliance you buy, do your homework BEFORE you buy. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of what you buy and decide if it's for you.

When you consider an indoor wood burning furnace, a few critical issues must be discussed and cannot be overlooked:
- Installation requirements.
- Local ordinance.
- Venting.
- Wood supply: storage, cutting, splitting, ease of bringing wood in, having enough to burn.
- Cleaning: ash, soot, etc.
- Pollution, smoke.
- Efficiency.
- Heat distribution.
There are probably more that I'm unaware right now, but you get the idea. I remember as a child when my grandparents had a wood burning water boiler heater, I remember the smoke, ashes, smell, I remember how grandma always chose me to clean the burner, and so on - wasn't particularly pleasant, but it was cheap.

Hope this helps.

Re: Indoor Wood Furnace

I'd get a dual fuel wood / coal stove as coal burns MUCH longer without attention and has far less blowing ash than wood.

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