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Re: Increase security of windows
Fencepost wrote:

Keep in mind that security and liberty are mutually exclusive paradigms. The more secure you are, the less liberty you have, and vice-versa. Even if you supply that security yourself.

For example, if you put a lock on your door, you have placed restrictions on your own entry: you must have a key to unlock the door before you can enter. You have surrendered some liberty in order to achieve some security.

If you are completely secure, you have no liberty. If you are completely free, you have no security.

Those are not linear functions. You can have a lot of security with very little loss of liberty. They only become mutually exclusive at the extreme ends of the scale. You use a lock as an example, but the very fact that you even have a door is some small restriction on your liberty. The fact that you even live indoors is a small restriction on your liberty.

Re: Increase security of windows

I think the point here is to add as much security as is reasonable while not decreasing the homes livability factor excessively. I like security a lot, but I'm not going to live in a pseudo-jail cell to get it!

Keith, I work on rentals of which some are in pretty bad areas. The thing we do for fastener security is to mix the screw head types- torx, square,and phillips.Today's crooks use cordless drills, but rarely will they have a wide selection of bits on hand- chances are they won't have every kind. In two years of adopting this practice nobody has yet made entry by removing the screws, and only one went through the old weak 1/2 plywood which we hadn't yet replaced with something substantial. You, being prepared, can remove them quickly when you need to. I won't say where, but security bit sets are dirt cheap and can be found in any larger city so they are not as much a deterrent as they once were. If you can take it out so can they, so we're back to slowing them down, not stopping them.

It's sad that it costs so much for things like the film and screens but you don't get what you don't pay for so to get the livability they offer versus something cheaper it looks like that's where you're going to be headed. Sadder yet is that such things are needed in the world today, but that's how it goes.


Re: Increase security of windows

I started this thread to see about what I would expect the cost of these two options and if there were any others. I returned to provide feed back on what I found so if anyone here considers these options, or if anyone asks you about them, you would have some information.

She had the screen guys return to quote the whole house and also put a screen on the back door to protect the glass. That's 11 windows, one with an arch and the one door, total just under $4700. It turns out that they have to build aluminum frames that will be attached to the bricks because the screens cannot be attached to the type of window she has. The frames are too small and weak to support the screen frames.

Anyway, this is FYI.

Re: Increase security of windows

I called my local police precinct which sent out two detectives for a security tour of my house. They put me at ease about areas I felt were of concern and pointed out areas that should be addressed. Many of their suggestions were simple. Maybe your police department can pay a visit. In addition, make sure the outside of the house is well lit, timers on interior lights. I heard that from a few security professional and I don't think that has been mentioned here.


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