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I'm looking for this item....What is it?

I am looking to add this item in the picture to my newly designed kitchen. Does anyone know the name of it and where (websites) I can find a variety to choose from?

Re: I'm looking for this item....What is it?
Re: I'm looking for this item....What is it?

Is there a restaurant supply house in your area ?

Re: I'm looking for this item....What is it?

To be a bit more specific, and I hope help- this is a flat bar of stainless or more likely aluminum you can snag at the local do-it-yourself House of Pain or Joy, depending on how many times you've been there for a project. (That would mean hardware store or big box builders supply, it's a metaphor...)

So the edges have been rounded off- but left square looks nice too. Mine are square. Then it's been wire brushed and had holes drilled to screw it to the wall. And it's spaced out with things you'll need to use your imagination for; I didn't actually make mine.

Ikea is best known for this rack, and the price there is cheaper than bothering with A Project. If you have a local store, trot on over. They also have/ had a magnetic knife bar like this I recommend highly. Cleaner, safer, and better for your knives than blocks, and better for many utensils, too.

Unfortuneately, Ikeas' online store doesn't seem to actually sell anything so if you have no store you're reduced to cruising Ebay. Worth the effort though- I've scored a number of excellent, well designed kitchen goodies there that nobody would mail.

If all you find are the magnetic knife bars, they're great for any utensil that will stick to magnets and have that same clean look. But you can grab things quickly and sometimes, when you run a really fast pot making a masterpiece for dinner this is what you need! LOL.

Restaurant supply may or may not have these but since they do have a lot of other wonderful stuff it's worth going to check. The inexpensive pots there are what 5 star restaurants use and they're a match to the sleek metal utensil rack.

Hope I helped.


Re: I'm looking for this item....What is it?


I think this kitchen hanger...

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