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Identifying Ceramic Tile

I am trying to identify the manufacturer and style of the tile in my kitchen. All I know is the house was built in 2004. It is a starter home built by a track builder so I suspect this is a relatively cheap tile. I have one spare. The back is marked with the word "INDONESIA" and below that is an "H" and a "9" in a sort of digital lettering. toward the top there is a logo which is an oval with a circle inside which is divided in to horizontal lines. it almost looks like an AT&T logo inside of an oval. any help is GREATLY appreciated.


Re: Identifying Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are produced, (or fired)in batches (lots)
Each lot is unique and has slight variations in color or pattern
The marks stamped on the tile probably relate to the lot number, which helps prevent installers from laying tiles with unwanted differences in tone or colour
I am not sure you will be able to find the tile you want with
the information you have, unless you have the original carton
which should give you the name of the company, style number of the tile, etc.

Re: Identifying Ceramic Tile

There are Dal-Tile stores all over. Take one to them and I'd bet they'd lead you in the right direction.

C Ed Wright
Re: Identifying Ceramic Tile

Generally the only way to identify a "stray" tile like yours is to simply match it to a sample in some display where tile is still sold. After 3 years the chances of matching the lot number is in the general range of the chances of winning the lottery. But if you can at least identify the make and 'model' (color/style), you can then search out various batches in hopes of finding one close enough to use for repairs or enlargement of the area previously tiled. Note that if you are going to tile under a range or dishwasher that the builder's tileman left bare, an exact lot match is completely unimportant, in contrast to a repair in the middle of the floor where it would stand out.

Most professional tilesetters obtain 10% more square footage than the job measures, then upon completion return only full cartons to the supplier, leaving the remainder on-site in the open package, to enable any unlikely repair to be done with the same batch, called variously its "shade" or "lot number," so it will match exactly; plus tile lines appear & disappear regularly, so that particular one may already be long extinct. It may have been the last of a closeout, too, since your TRACT house builder as you suspect may have chosen the cheapest tile available.

Or it may still be in production and available. Dal would be one logical starting point; don't neglect home centers both in-stock and special order, and tile closeout sources as well, where you just might find, say, the last three cartons on earth!

But the imprint "Indonesia" suggests the best first stop would seem to be Home Depot, which buys large lots of tile from all over the globe, sometimes a one-time special, sometimes a long-term standing in-stock item. NOTE every Home Depot store has a slightly different selection of in-stock tile choices -- if you don't find it at one, the next may have pallets of it! The fact that your tile has no barcode label proves nothing since they can fall off or it might have been removed.

If all else fails, try photographing it and mail a copy to every tile manufacturer, importer, dealer in your area including close-out vendors, etc. These photos of course must be very accurate color renditions to be of any value, however.

But try every 'local' (20 mile radius) Home Depot first, tile-in-hand. You just might get lucky.

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