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identifying a basement smell

I have a basement smell I need some help finding and then eliminating. It smells like a dead mouse. The problem is that the smell only seems to occur when there is some air movement -- the dryer is on, the A/C, or people searching for the smell. The other problem is it has lasted for over a month. The smell accumulates under the curtained off stairs and on the staircase. I've used a flashlight, tried to sniff it out, and borrowed a beagle with no luck in finding the source of this smell. From what I've read it seems to be lingering longer than most mouse smells and I have never seen any mice or mice droppings. If it is in a wall I can't identify where it would be. Does anyone have any good methods of finding a smell especially one that occurs only with air movement?

Re: identifying a basement smell

Does your local police have a Cadaver Dog?

Re: identifying a basement smell

Did you already check all the air vents in the area? And is there any ceiling tile to check above?
The curtaines off stairs and staircase.... any holes in the walls? What about between walls? (I ask about that because I had stupid squirrels nesting in the attic and a baby squirrel fell between the walls - it was summer, and it was horrible. my nephew was going to fish it out for me, but finally must have mummified or finished the natural process). Odd that it keeps recurring... do you have any natural gas lines? A leak, maybe.

Re: identifying a basement smell

Any chance it could be coming from a dried out trap on a floor drain allowing sewer gas to get in.

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