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Ideas For Painting The Living Room

In most instances, the living room is one of the public areas of your home. This is the place wherein the visitors are received. This is the space provided for gatherings. Then, it is mostly the one that is very much open to criticism. Therefore, the painting of your living room matters a lot.

Here are some ideas that you could keep in mind and know by heart when it comes to the attempt of painting the living room. Making over your living room is such a venture that you need to be careful when attending to it.

Firstly and basically, you must select the hue scheme that needs to be employed in painting the living room. It means that there is the need for you to select the paint color that you would like to have for your walls, doors, trims, accents, and other accessories.

Mix and match your color paint choice with the biggest furniture in the living room. That is your focal point, so to speak. You also need to take note of the lighting factor, the function of the living room, its size, and the mood that you definitely want to create within the living room.

Then, you must have the time to spend to focus yourself on the selection of the paint finish since it could alter the mood that you want to sweep into the room. When the walls contain some imperfections, truly, you could always get a paint finish which could hide them. Usually the paint finish which are not glossy and those that give off a matte finish are the best to use. These paint finishes also provide an equally effective resistant to the possible wall stains.

The architectural details, trims, and doors may always be highlighted with the gloss finish such as the satin or the semi-gloss. These areas are thus easier to clean since they are sheen and smooth in texture.

Painting the living room could be better off with the latex or water-based paints. However, the doors and windows must be employed with the acrylic paints.

There are paint colors that would ask you to put on more than one application of the paint coat so you need to also keep it in mind. The usual one gallon of any paint color could only cover a capacity of 400 square feet.

Painting the living room would be best done with hard work as coupled with your creativity. There are techniques and concepts that you must bear in mind to come up with a successful venture.

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Re: Ideas For Painting The Living Room

Great Post! Detail, Detail, Detail. Do it once right; or do it over. "Never enough time to do it right, always enough time to do it over". I like bright white walls and ceilings myself. Always looks clean and fresh? I like the daylight to flow through the room. The lighting works better too. White matches everything (my opinion). White walls and ceiling and Light oak furniture and neutral upholstery. You can go dark on the carpet though. I found that Sears easy living latex worked really well for me. Flat walls and ceiling and semi-gloss trim. Matches our new white vinyl Windows. Went on really easy and was truly pretty much one-coat coverage. Nothing works out if it isn't planned ahead.You pretty much said it all. No need for me to go any further.

Re: Ideas For Painting The Living Room

I am struggling with this, too, right now. All I can say is don't choose a paint color because of it's name! :o We chose "fresh baked bread" for throughout the house. It is an obnoxious peachy color and we are now repainting the whole house because we don't like it. Stick with neutrals, which can be either cool or warm. I'm looking at warm neutrals right now. Not sure what I'll end up with, but I have budgeted $200 just for paint samples so that I get it right this time.:D

Re: Ideas For Painting The Living Room

I have homes for rent, and I only go with white/off white.

Survey says: most folks accept and prefer white/off white more than any other color.

That doesn't mean you can't paint YOUR livingroom pink.

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