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Dave M
I'd like to increase my water pressure but my pipes are a maze

I have a well and my water pressure is pretty anemic. I also have a water softener an an iron filter and UV light on my system and have read thaat each of those can decrease water pressure. I should also mention that I have a geothermal HVAC unit which I believe was added on at some later date. The house also had solar hot water at on time but that system was removed years ago before I moved in.

I've been researching how to increase the pressure and read about turning the spring-loaded nuts in the control box. My pressure gauge is completely clouded over; it looks like it's filled with water. It's completely unreadable. It's my understanding that my pressurizer tank is supposed to have a pump attached to it but it must be wedged in behind the tank because I can't see it. There is an electrical wire running from the control box to the back of the tank.

I've posted some pictures of what I'm dealing with here. Everything is really corroded/dirty because of the pipes for the geothermal discharge I've got more pipes than any instructional article/photo/video hs shown me so far. Looking at these pictures can sombody set me straight with what I'm dealing with here an give me a step by step guide for increasing my water pressure? Do I need to replace the gauge to even get started so I know what kind of pressure I'm dealing with an where it goes?

This is a pic of the majority of the piping and where it comes into/goes out of the house. From what I've been able to figure out, the inlet pipe (on the left) comes into the house and goes through the control box where a pipe splits off to the pressure tank. Beyond that it continues to a "T" wher the left branch goes to the water softener and household use and the right branch goes to (I assume) the geothermaal HVAC. The dirty schedule 40 on he right is, I believe the HVAC discharge.

A pic of my nasty pressure gauge, with the pressure tank

A slightly different overall view

Oh, I should also mention (not really related to increasing pressure) that when the HVAC runs I can hear gurgling coming from this area, so something probably isn't vented properly, either.

Thank for any help anyone can give me.

Re: I'd like to increase my water pressure but my pipes are a maze

Certainly replacing the gauge is a good start --- otherwise you have no visual indication of what's what.

The plumbing seems to have a number of small leaks judging by the calcium buildup seen.

Is the well pump a variable speed ?

There's a lot of considerations need for your setup since you are sharing the same well for the Geoheat and your domestic water supplies.You have to consider the HVAC alone requires anywhere from 3 GPM ( on a low use ) to 12 gpm while on high heating ( depending on tonnage of unit ).

Eliminating some of the hard 90 elbows with 45's will also reduce restrictions.

Curious --- you say the domestic water goes through treatment --- has the water PH been tested to ensure it's proper to flow directly through the Geo system?
If it's too hard your exchanger is propbaly plugged or deteriorated.

You might consider having a plumber come out that's familiar with Geoheat to check things out.

2 cents worth.

Re: I'd like to increase my water pressure but my pipes are a maze

Are you using this well water for drinking/cooking?

I'd get a plumber over to sort out and replace these pipes, like canuk said. All of them. You will need a new gauge, get a good one not an el cheapo that gets filled with water. You will need new gate valves. If that's a water pressure regulator in the photo - replace it too. Have him look at the pump, water softner making sure they're functioning correctly and hopefully this will help.

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