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Ice Dams - New House Built circa 2014

Hello all - My wife and I purchased a newly constructed home in the summer of 2014, and we live in SE Massachusetts. Fast forward to the winter, and we (along with everyone else in the state) ended up with giant ice dams. The next winter, we rarely had snow on the roof, so no ice dams. The winter after that when the first decent snowfall occurred (5”), boom, ice dams over night. I religiously raked the roof, and almost immediately after ice dams show up.

Basically now whenever it snows I’m waiting to hear that dreaded drip drip noise outside.

We have had multiple solutions proposed from fully sealing the attic and spray foaming, to heat tape along the edges and down the gutters, to installing power vents or passive vents, so I’m hoping someone might be able to recommend something or provide pros/cons since nobody has provided a consistent recommendation across at least 4 independent contractors (builders, roofers, Mass Saves assessors)

A little info about the house:

Built in 2014

colonial style, no dormers, etc.

soffit and ridge ventilation (daylight visible so not apparently blocked)

HVAC system (heat and air handler) along with ductwork are all located in or originating in the attic

first 3’ of shingles and ice/water shield replaced along entire length of roof (front and back) to prevent water penetration. Apparently previous ice&water shield was low/poor quality.

roof pitches to the North and South. Ice dams occurred on both faces of the roof along gutter/drip edge

Re: Ice Dams - New House Built circa 2014

Also to add, we have had the guys from the MassSaves energy efficiency people come out to do air sealing and they put down some canned spray insulation in the roof decking.

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