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I need your advice urgent please!

I found your website searching the Internet and I was wondering if you
> could give me some advice to my questions.
> We have bought a historical home in Bennettsville SC, which was built
> in 1810.the house has a fantastic history. It is the only house ( 6750 sqf !),which was totally dismantled before the civil war, stored underground and rebuilt at its location now. It also had the first gas and telephone in SC ( Marlboro & Chesterfield County) installed.
> After living here for a while, we found more and more authentically
> Wood, columns and bricks around our plot. We collected everything and
> sorted it out. Now we are trying to sell this wood and the old nails,
> claw foot bathtub and bricks. I am assuming at this point you will ask yourself why does she wants to sell these things. I want to be straight honest with you. I am going through a very tough divorce and my husband is Not paying any mortgage since 4 months anymore. I am on the way of loosing my house; I have already lost my business, as I had a wonderful restaurant in this house. I need to sell these items or I need a miracle or a partner, who helps me financially to get it refinanced and the restaurant reopened. This house is my soul, I love it so much and it is so beautiful, but I cannot do it alone without financial help or selling my wonderful authentic schoolhouse to save my main house.
> I know that there are a lot of owners of historical homes which
> probably advertise to find supplies like that, but I can't find them.
> Can you give me any tips? I also have a schoolhouse from 1810 which I want to sell.

> I can attach some pictures, just in case you might be able to help me. Please write an email to me and i will send you pictures.
> If there is anybody out there who has any idea on how to help me, please contact me.
> I would be happy to hear from you
> Best regards

Sabina Wagner

Rosa 707
Re: I need your advice urgent please!

Sabina: It sounds like you have an urgent financial need, before I talk to you about my reply I would like to ask you if you have contacted a lender: commercial or private and try to refinance your property? - you do not have to answer only consider this option for yourself. Also, have you approach community service agencies? This is hard to do for us hard working people, but when in need, they should help you. Good luck.

I am looking for an old house, but it happens that I live in California and I probably would need a house that was dismantled
to transport it and then, consider how expensive would be, to ship it to California - so maybe I am not the right person for you to get help.

In any case I would love for you to email me pictures of your house and too, I like to ask you: you said you have a big old house 6700+ square feet and a small school house Is this school house dismanteled. Please send pictures and good luck I do hope you come out of this block in your life.

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