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I need to build a concrete ramp for shed

My shed sits about 4 inches above the ground (dirt) on a concrete slab and I want to build a concrete ramp up to it. I need some advice as I have never worked with concrete before.
1. how far do I have to dig for the base and what should the base be.
2. what is next to go on the base
3. how thick should the concrete be
4. to make it ramped, should I make the concrete mixture thicker and slope it with the trowel?
5. does the whole ramp need to be above ground or can some be below
6. how do I know how much concrete buy ( is there a calculator for this)
7. do I need to seal the ramp once it is done?

Thanks for the help

Re: I need to build a concrete ramp for shed

For a first time concrete job, go to youtube and watch some of the videos on this subject.

Things to watch:

- Min. thickness is 3.5"
- best is to pour concrete over compacted dirt covered by 2" gravel. (meaning you dig up to 5.5" below grade).
- form for the slope, the concrete will fill the forms.
- if you intend to drive heavy machinery on the ramp, use reinforcement steel.
- the concrete should be mixed for at least 3 minutes, with the right amount of water. Don't make it too dry. Don't make it too wet.
- concrete is measured by cubic yards. length in feet x width in feet x thickness in inches, divided by 12, then divided again by 27 to find how many yards you need.
- follow regular steps of screeding, floating, edging, troweling and finish.
- tell me how long and how wide your ramp is, and I'll tell you how much concrete it would take.

Re: I need to build a concrete ramp for shed

to make a ramp, youll need some 2x lumber to build a form, , iwould put a peice of metal flat stock hard up to the shed first where teh ramp will go to keep the concrete out of contact with the wood

from there cut and shape the 2x to create teh angle of the form. 2 sides and a front. brace it accordingly to keep the 2x straight and in place then fill it with concrete. skreed and trowel accordingly

Re: I need to build a concrete ramp for shed

ok I have some spare 2x6 lumber which I will cut to 4' lengths and use those as the sides of the ramp while the concrete sets. I was planning on making the ramp 4 feet wide and 4 feet from front to back. Should I mix each bag of concrete individually or can I make 2-3 at a time depending on the strength of the wheel barrow?

Re: I need to build a concrete ramp for shed

Depending on your wheelbarrow's size you can mix 2-3 sacks at a time.
remember that you have to pour the mix right away (and no more than 30 minutes after you finish mixing).
Good luck.

A. Spruce
Re: I need to build a concrete ramp for shed

For ease of mixing, I would recommend doing no more than two 60 pound bags at a time and only one 90 pound at a time. The more you put in your wheelbarrow, the harder it is to get to the bottom of the barrow and evenly mix it.

Also, calculate up how much concrete you need and then buy several extra bags so that you don't run short. The hole is ALWAYS deeper than it looks, which means an extra bag or two will disappear before you can say, "what the F?!?!?!". :D

When you finish it off, screed it once to get it knocked down to the top of the forms, then trowel it a little to beat the rocks down and get a good cream coat on the surface, then leave it alone until it just starts to set. When it just sets, run a broom lightly across the surface from side to side to roughen up the surface a little for traction when it's wet out. Your tail bone will thank you for it later. ;):cool:

Re: I need to build a concrete ramp for shed

thanks guys....it is a lot of help...now I just need to know how much stuff to buy

Re: I need to build a concrete ramp for shed

If the ramp is 4' by 4' and 3.5" deep, buy 20 of the 60 lb bags (easier to shlep, I mean carry). You won't use them all, but you will be safe. When you start mixing and pouring, you'll get the feel of how much you are using for what size area. Remember, water is the key ingredient - don't put too little or too much. Also: you can do whatever you please with concrete, while it's mud, but once it's hardened - that's it. Not sure? go on youtube and see how it's done.

Unused and unopened bags can be returned to the store, you know. But if you want to keep them, keep them in a dry place or they will harden and become heavy trash.

Re: I need to build a concrete ramp for shed

for mixing only do 2 bags at a time, any more than that and you wont have enough space in the wheel barrow to mix it. it never hurts to add a little bit of water as you add the concrete, this will make it easier to mix. a rake works best if you dont have a hoe

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