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I need some encouragement & advice Please

Hi everyone,

I've been a fan of this old house since I was a kid. :)

I did something recently that has me extremely worried and stressed. I was laid-off last summer, completed a class and then decided to do a quick remodel in my basement. Nothing major paint the panel walls, replace some of the ceiling tile and replace the carpet with laminate flooring. Basically turn the space into a second living room/office for myself. I live alone in Philly, in a "twin"attached 2 bedroom home.

So one day I just went into the basement and started removing the rubber baseboard. I realized the glue had stayed attached tot he paneling. I asked my brother I can't get the glue off what should I use he told me a paint scrapper and then told me to just leave and when i replaced the baseboards with wood ones I could get the higher baseboards and just cover it up.

So I went down and I scrapped two walls. I've come to realize through the internet and in doing research which I shouldn't have done that the mastic may have asbestos. Needless to say I have a zit on my face the size of small mountain from the sleepless nights and worry/stress.

I left those bits and pieces of mastic/glue on the rug since then I figured once I pulled out the rug I would give the floor a really good cleaning. Since finding out what it may be and no I don't know for sure and I actually don't want to know now. I'm just going to assume it is. I have to clean it I plan on going there tomorrow morning with a heavy duty mask, a dust buster (which i think I did use on some of it already back when I did it) and some duct tape. I was going to use the dust buster even though websites say not to because it just goes into the canister and I figured I would dispose of the dust buster as well. It will help me get the bits that fell into the side of the rug by the edge its wall to wall. I was going to try picking up the pieces by using duct tape don't know if this will work. I'm concerned I won't get it all up from the rug.

The carpet in the finished portion of the basement is wall to wall with tack strips, I'm afraid if I remove the rug and the tack strips they've probably already nail it into the floor and punctured the lineoleum (probably asbestos) tiles already there.I dont want to cause a bigger issue.

The remainder of the basement laundry area, a walkin closet and a bathroom have the same tile and they seem to be in good shape. I was planning having ceramic tile installed right on top, to contain it. The remainder of the mastic I will leave on the paneling and continue to prime and paint over it and hopefully have baseboard reinstalled. Although I am worried about that as well b/c of the nails puncturing through the mastic.

I'm a bit confused not sure what to do and would appreciate any helpful advice. People are telling me I am worrying too much. What I really want to do is move at this point.

I know its been my own doing I just wanted to make the space look nice and I know, KNOW I should've researched this first.

Re: I need some encouragement & advice Please

Not great advice I know, but you really need someone to look at it professionally on how best to repair / move forward. Might be difficult on a budget, but I would think it's the only way to truly get peace of mind that it has been made safe.

Re your exposure, the type of cancer caused by abestos is caused mesothelioma, so look it up and get educated on how it is caused. It's likely that a brief exposure wouldbe a v low risk, as I believe the people who got this type of disease had been exposed to high levels for quite a while.

Hope this helps!


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