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I need a GOOD pair of rubber gloves that will last!

I registered for a TOH account just so I could post on this forum.

So we are a household of 4, and we have no dishwasher. We can't get a dishwasher, either, because that would require cutting into the countertops, which is a massive expense that none of us can afford.

Anyway, it's my job to wash the dishes, and that's just how it has to be at this point. Washing 4 people's dishes by hand every day is brutal on my hands and nails. Plus I often drop dishes, and the hot water is irritating.

So I decided I would commit to wearing rubber gloves. It would help me grip the dishes better, I wouldn't feel the hot water, and my hands and nails would thank me for it. At first, I had these Glamor Gloves, but they kept getting holes in the fingertips. I would glue the holes closed and let it dry overnight, but then another hole would just appear somewhere else. It got to the point where entire chunks were missing from the gloves.

So then I threw those away and decided to get a more utilitarian pair. After reading the rave reviews ******, I got these Playtex Living gloves instead. But within a week, there was a hole in those, too!

This is getting so frustrating. I can't afford to replace my gloves every week!

So what gloves am I supposed to get that will actually last? I looked at Home Depot, and they didn't have any rubber gloves at all:confused:. Help!


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