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I need a clever vent pipe hole fix

I noticed foul smell around my kitchen sink, and also in basement in general area of the piping. I carefully inspected for leaks and there are none. I poured a gallon of water down the metal vent pipe on the roof above kitchen, and see water leaking down the pipe into the basement. I am assuming a rust hole in the vent pipe. Maybe just above the water flow, but can’t determine yet. Who has a clever fix? I have a recently new kitchen, ripping apart is a terrible option. My limited thought is to cut out the entire back of the sink cabinet/wall from inside the cabinet in hope to be able to replace with pvc to the basement, and connect to the metal vent system. That seems very difficult and assumes the hole is just above where the sink pipe enters the wall. Removing the outside siding/sheathing of the house is an option but this would be extreme. Please help…

A. Spruce
Re: I need a clever vent pipe hole fix

A plumber with a camera scope can do a video of the line to check general condition and possible leak point, this may minimize damage done to repair.

Re: I need a clever vent pipe hole fix

What type is the vent? Is it copper or galvanized?

Re: I need a clever vent pipe hole fix

galvanized pipe, and the video suggestion seems appropriate, thanks.

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