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I miss having a hot shower :(

The hot water in my house has a mind of it's own. Every once in a while (and I do mean a while.) I will be able to have a nice scalding hot shower. The majority of the time though, it will get hot for about 30 seconds and then get freezing. I have just been kind of dealing with it, but now I am sick and a cold shower when you have a fever is not very nice.

All the sinks in the house do the same thing as the showers, and the water pressure pretty much sucks all around as well.

I'm gonna go have a poke around in the basement and see what I can figure out about my house's general water heating system, and I will be right back.

Any help is much appreciated.

Re: I miss having a hot shower :(

Haha yeah I actually ended up just going to bed and recovering from illness.

But now I'm better, and here's what I found-
The system is a Burnham - it appears that it's a two in one furnace and tank? It's like a big box with a copper pipe coming out of it. There's a smaller tank above - I would say it's about the size of an oversized gallon of milk. I'm not sure what it is.

Either way, I tracked down the thermostat and it has "120 F" on one side and "160 F" on the other, so I turned it towards the 160 F side, but it kept turning and turning and turning - I can just turn it forever. Is that normal?

it's a Burnham pv73wbt. the water still isnt any better after adjusting the thermostat - perhaps it is broken?

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