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I have no idea what's on my walls!

My boyfriend and I just bought a 1937 Cape Cod style home. Its a cute place and has had some remodeling done, but with some original(we think) touches left. Including this decorative wall lining on the walls surrounding the stairs and entry.

It is lifting up in certain sections and we THINK its plaster over a very thin, possibly veneer, sheet of wood. Its been applied in panels and there is a decorative strip in between each sheet. The panels have a decorative flower motif all over them and a leaf border at the top. At first glance I thought it was textured wall paper, that you paint to bring out the design embossed on it, but on further inspection we found that it is REALLY stuck to the wall. Whether its original or not, I'm not very fond of it, and I have NO idea how to even begin to remove this without destroying the walls.

I really want to know what this could be and how to get it off the wall. The border appears to be nailed on and the rest is stuck on the wall. There is a part of the wall where one of the panels is entirely missing and there is no separation between the remaining panels and the wall, which is why we think its plaster. We were able to find a peice of the border on the floor and the wood backing is visible. The actual panels are veeeeery thin, but still sturdy.

I've tried to research this on the net but have no idea what to call it! Please help!:confused::confused::confused::confused:

Re: I have no idea what's on my walls!

I thought at first it was tin, but you say it has a wood backing. Are you sure it isn't a backsplash material put on with adhesive and the piece you found happened to pull the lath off of the wall with it? It looks like a ceiling tile or backsplash material I saw at the homecenter last week. Good luck.

Calcats ;)

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