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I have freezing pipes in the master bathroom.

My home is 59 years old and I have freezing pipes in the master bathroom. Each winter in the bathroom I have this issue and I have to leave the water dripping in the sink and in the bath tub to try to keep the pipes from bursting. I just had the bathroom fully renovated and this is still an issue. What can I do to fix this problem so I do not have to babysit my home during the winter months? Any advice with this issue would be helpful. Thank you.

Re: I have freezing pipes in the master bathroom.


You're not getting enough heat from your heating system in the bathroom itself, or the underside section that contains the bathroom pipes---what type of heating do you have & are the pipes being heated underneath the floors in a basement or crawl space???

Is the bathroom on the 1st floor or 2nd floor????

Do you have radiators, baseboard heat, electric convectors, hot air ducts or registers, steam heat, etc.????

Did they put the heating elements back after the renovation????

What is the square footage (length X width) of the bathroom, are you using a hair dryer to thaw out the pipes???

Re: I have freezing pipes in the master bathroom.

You should look into insulating your pipes. Many homeowners use insulation around their pipes to prevent freezing. It sounds like this could be an easy solution for you.
Find local residential plumbers.

Re: I have freezing pipes in the master bathroom.

Your pipes are freezing because they are outside the insulation envelope of the house. Just insulating the pipes might not be enough.

If the pipes are running through an exterior wall, then you will have to remove the plaster/wallboard where the pipes are running and make sure that the wall insulation is on the outside of the pipes. The pipes must not go through the insulation or behind it, all the insulation must go behind the pipes. If the walls are not insulated, you will need to insulate them.

If you have a crawl space or basement and the pipes are freezing in this area, first look for air infiltration next to the pipes. Running a pipe right in front of a foundation vent would cause the pipes to freeze in this area. If you find this to be the case, plug the vent or any holes in the foundation walls near the pipes.

If the pipes are still freezing and there are no air leaks near the pipes, then the pipes should be insulated. You may also need to add a heat tape to the pipes under the insulation.

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