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Tim R
I have a draft from the ankle's down?

I have noticed a draft in my bedrooms from the ankle's(or so) down. the rest of the room can be fairly warm. When getting out of bed and putting your feet on the floor , i can feel a draft. I have carpet on my floors and a basement (10 ft. basement walls). It seems to get a little worse when my heat kicks on. but its still there when the air is not running . Please any help would be great. the house is 14yrs old , i have brick on the front and the rest is siding. thanks.

A. Spruce
Re: I have a draft from the ankle's down?

Could just be natural convection of heat. Heat rises, cold air settles, this movement and resulting temperature differential can cause what you're describing. You'll probably notice more of a draft in front of a window, where air will be the coldest.

Re: I have a draft from the ankle's down?

I recall hearing of a simple way to see where drafts are entering a room in any house. Light an incense stick and walk around area that is drafty, with the incense, watching to see where the smoke blows from/to. That helps determine where the drafts are coming in from. I did this and was able to determine air coming in from electrical light switches and outlets on outer walls, as well as some drafty areas around baseboards in my livingroom and bedroom. Those areas are easy to seal up. At baseboards (Next to floors) I caulked, and I bought some Comfort Seal brand closed cell foam, outlet and switch seal kits, to seal those areas. The kits were approx. $1.00 or so, each and sealed up about 12 (total) outlets and switch areas. It's amazing how simple it can be to seal out the cold air, and do so w/o any big expense. Look for the simple, inexpensive fixes first. I hope this helps.

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