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Hydrogen technology to produce electricity at home?

Recently my friends and I were discussing the launch of the world's first hydrogen fuel cell train by Alstom for which they took the technology from Hydrogenics, which is a developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products based on water electrolysis and proton exchange membrane technology. According to them, Hydrogen vehicles help in 100% zero emissions from the vehicles. Hydrogen technology will advance in the future to such a point that fuel cells become a viable alternative.

If this is the case, can't this be implemented in producing electricity at home? The power plants used to produce electricity need energy which is mostly taken from fossil fuels like coal. The burning of the fossil fuels puts a lot of C02 in the atmosphere which leads to Global Warming.  So if hydrogen technology can be implemented in producing the residential electricity, it can lead to a clean environment and a cleaner future. 

What do you think about this? Is there are projects going on to implement this? Share your views here.  

Re: Hydrogen technology to produce electricity at home?

It could happen, but at this point there are  several  problems. One the units to produce Hydrogen are expensive, small units are in the $2 to $7K range , second hydrogen is very voiltal so home use may require specailized techs to install and maintain, insurance costs may be prohibative.



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