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HVAC and dust

 I was changing the filters in my grandfather's HVAC and noticed that despite the fact the filters are changed regularly things were very dusty. I looked up and noticed that the part of the unit that goes in to the return vents opens into an area that mostly plaster, lath and asbestos rock. The outside of the return air vents in the other rooms have to be dusted almost every three days due to the amount of dust. Now I've rehabed my older similarly aged home before but the HVAC systems are something I've always contracted out. So my question is-is that kind of set up normal? I guess I made the assumption that it was probably code to have the kind of thing sealed off before venting into that area due to the asbestos rock. For reference my grandpa's home is a 130 year-old American Four Square and the HVAC is only set up to cool/heat the downstairs. The HVAC is in the closet of one room and the closet exterior walls where the return air duct work sits touch the interior walls of the three main rooms that make up the rest of that part of the house. The entire HVAC system was replaced and installed new about 7 years ago.

Re: HVAC and dust



The good news is that there are actually lots of ways to reduce the dust in your home, and by extension, in your HVAC system:


Keep a clean home. We’re not telling anyone how to do their “thing”, but it’s just a fact that a cleaner home is less likely to wind up with excessive dust in your furnace and AC unit. We would recommend dusting the home’s furniture at least weekly to optimize your anti-dust habits.


Vacuuming and carpet cleaning. No matter how hard we clean, there will always be dust in the carpets, drapes, and fabrics of our homes. Vacuum frequently and schedule carpet cleaning every few months for the best results.



Change your filter often. During peak months of use (those in summer and winter), it is exceptionally important that your filter be changed frequently. Monthly is best, but never go more than two months without replacing your filter. It’s responsible for not only improving air quality, but making sure all of that debris doesn’t end up in your HVAC system, too!


Re: HVAC and dust


If you using the cheap rectangle style filters, change to something like "April Air" style filtration system, or a good Hepa style system. The cheap filters will not stop even large particles from moving past the filter. Have the internal ducts cleaned on a bi-annual basis. If there are animals in the house, get rid of them. If doors and windows are open most of the time, change the filters more frequently.

And as Franco suggested, clean everything. Deep clean everything a couple times per year, more often if needed. I mean, floor to ceiling, take things apart, move all furniture, replace old carpet and padding with high quality padding and carpet, have all the rugs cleaned on a 60 day basis. Then on a weekly basis, give every thing a lite cleaning.


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