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Hurricane Joaquin Roofing Recommendations

With the incoming heavy rain along the east coast over the next few days we are recommending to our customer to have the roofs inspected Saturday or Sunday pending the time of high exposure. Roofing material supplies were already in short supply a couple days ago. So having the roof inspected as soon as possible to confirm existing conditions and to identify any issues.
If you choose to do your own roof inspection the following would be the key items to inspect will ensure the roofer can quantify your needs for the material order first thing Monday morning.
-Gutters and drains are clear and operating properly
-Look across the surface of the roof and perimeter edge. Everything should be laying flat and smooth. If you see anything popped up or edge metal even slightly out of place take a closer look. Either continue to monitor or secure it in place before it blows off/open
-Do not attempt to access the roof unless absolutely necessary. Pending the roof type you could damage the roof or slip hazard. Winds in excess of 30 mph or presence of lightning is our cut off for roof access.
-If you have a leak and are unable to access the roof to stop it. Try to capture the water in the attic or poke a hole in the ceiling to provide direct access through the ceiling to prevent as much interior damage or water trailing to electric sensitive areas in the house.
-Sometimes it is best to contain the leak and ride out the storm than to try and access the roof to temporarily fix it. Sometimes more harm than good can come from an attempt at a temporary repair.

I'm sure there are other professionals here that can chime in with more recommendations for interior protection.

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