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Humming and vibrating water pipes

Anytime when I TURN ON water (with any faucets in the house, even with the ice maker), There is a "humming" sound and the pipe vibrates and the humming increases as well as the viration when the water flow increases (by turning water faucets).

If I turn the water off, the whole thing stops and it will countinue when water is ON.

I have read the other threads, It's seem like the Pressure Reduce Valve (PRV)'s problem, and yes, I have one (PRV).

This problem just started when the water company had to do some work (on the street) and turned water off and turned it back on.

Any help will be appreciated.

Re: Humming and vibrating water pipes

It sure sounds like the PRV. What may have happened is when they turned the water back on some debris may have gotten into the PRV. You can try to repair it but in most cases your better off to replace it.


Re: Humming and vibrating water pipes

Replace the regulator and see if the noise goes away.

PRVs fail easily. They are not that expensive so I never try to fix them. Not worth the time.

Re: Humming and vibrating water pipes

If it insists on humming, maybe you need to teach it the words. :D

Re: Humming and vibrating water pipes

Before replacing the PRV try adjusting it there is two types one that has a nut on the back and on front one that has nut on back and phillip or flat head screw on front loosen back nut the packing then tighten the outer just a couple turns this will increase the pressure sounds like diaphram may be stuck or maybe when they turned on the water someone didn't turn it on slowly and cranked it on fast and the pressure blew out the PRV before replacing PRV buy a pressure gauge and adapter for faucet and check your pressure to make sure its broken 40-65 psi is a good range anything above 65-70 could be harmful to your plumbing fixtures and pipes etc..

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Re: Humming and vibrating water pipes

Thanks for all the advices gents.

It was the PRV. But my was only 2 years old. So I did adjust the pressure by turning the "screw" on top of PRV with the flat head screw driver and it did fix the problem.

PS: FYI, If any one planing to install a PRV, Please consider the "space". The more room the easier to fix or replace, and according to all the threads I read, look like the PRVs easily to be broken and need to be replaced more often than you think.


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