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how to vent dryer

Just purchased home with laundry facilities in kitchen behind doors.there is no dryer vent in this area.there is no access to outside of house from kitchen area. floor goes into garage under kitchen.
can I vent through the attic?or must I vent through garage to outside wall. If so can I use pvc pipe for this long distance (app.30Ft)or must I use galvanised pipe.
Have no idea how to begin or where.

Re: how to vent dryer

Where I live , it is common to vent a dryer through the attic and out of a roof vent . Flexible metal duct is used .

Re: how to vent dryer

I have to join the discussion because I am researching this same topic and it is so frustrating. My laundry room does not share an outside wall, and my dryer is currently venting directly into the garage. This is in new construction and I have no idea how this passed inspection. I cannot fathom the logic in numerous responses on various sites that deem this to be acceptable. One step into this humid, mold-inducing atmosphere should steer anyone away from doing this.

My intentions are not to hijack this thread, but there seems to be no standard.

Sean M.
Re: how to vent dryer

I would use metal ducting up through the attic and out the side wall if possible. They sell a discharge vent for the wall that you can get at any home store that is water tight and animal proof. I would highly recommend using one.

As for venting into the garage, mine is still like that and I crack the garage door a couple of inches while the drying is running, but that is because I have been too lazy to climb into the attic and run the ductwork.

Re: how to vent dryer

It really isn't hard to do . Go to LOWE'S and find the aisle with all of the metal duct ,furnace vents , etc . I assure you that you will find something that will work for you .
My laundry room is also in an " inside " room . My dryer vent goes up through the attic and out of a roof vent . Try to keep your duct runs as short and straight as possible .

Re: how to vent dryer

I have the same situation, sort of.

Here's what I have found out, you can vent the dryer either through the roof or through a gable in your attic area.

Here's what you want to avoid and the situation I am in. You don't want the moisture to terminate in the attic. I have a pvc vent built into the wall that goes into the attic but no further. One owner just sent the vent through a wall out into the garage. The moisture drifts right up into the access to the attic.

I was told to avoid venting the dryer out under the sofit or porch area as well so through the roof it will go.

So, here's the decision you have to make: Do you want to go up and out or up over and out.

There are vent caps for coming through the roof and there are different ones for venting through the attic wall. When running it across the attic and out the attic wall remember the # of elbows you put in your vent will slow the flow down and catch lint.

Remember to insulate the vent pipe so condensation doesn't drip back into the vent's bottom.

Just a note: I don't have a dryer at all, I haven't had one for about 3 years now. My sister rented one when she lived with us during an ice storm recovery and we just let the moisture out into the garage because it is temporary. I'll get everything fixed up for a dryer this summer when we get those rebate checks.

Re: how to vent dryer

If you live in a cold climate I wouldn't vent a dryer through an attic ... through a side wall would be much more preferable.

Just my 2 cents.:)

Re: how to vent dryer

One thing to remember is that you have a maximum lineal footage and a maximum of bends you can have allowed under the building codes and you must get the job inspected or you will be in violation of the law. Go to you're local building department and get a permit, that way you're covered.

Building Inspector

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