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Re: Bring Something to the Table
hvhehcca wrote:

Just love how people post digs with nothing to support them and no advice to bring to the table. I often wonder why I don't see your God, Nashua up with the big boys casting advice in the major leagues.

Guess when you step down to the minors to visit and offer sound advice the bleacher section has to be heard..


Anytime your arrogant, self-centered half brain gets sick of the "minors" you'll give us all a great sense of relief when you leave us to antagonize some other poor unfortunate forum; the sooner the better!

I'll Stick Around

I enjoy helping others and sharing my 20 plus years in the design and installation of high end, high efficiency heating systems so I'll stick around.

Funny how it's ok with you that others can post their words of distaste and digs but it's not ok for me to defend myself in the same manner.

I challenge all of you that feel that my advice is not sound and true in every post I have been part of. If you truly think I'm wrong bring your facts and opinions to a web site full of leading industry pros and manufacturers and let's let them partake in our conversation on any heating subject you'd like.

I have no problem with consumers that want to do the work themsevles in order to save money. There are certain parts of a heating project that they can tackle themselves. I just want to make sure the advice I give is responsible as should anyone posting advice. Working with gas, oil and electricity can have a very dangerous outcome for someone that shouldn't be playing with them.

Re: How to UPGRADE old heating system with modern technology

I am a newbie here, but a frequent poster on a different site devoted to restoring brownstones in NYC.

All forums will have posters with "challenged" communications skills, varying from clueless to out and out "trolls".

I sometimes post on this "other site", and at least used to be jumped on by the resident authorities. These fellows are professionals, and their advice is remarkably accurate and helpful.

Their objections to my posts were more based on my not having the right "chops" to spout advice, rather than actually disagreeing with my recommendations.

SO my comment is that all helpful forums have to navigate between indutry pro's, who share their insider knowledge but can be defensive and huffy, and self-proclaimed authorities, who can really steer you wrong.

So I feel free to remark as an outsider (never having visited this site before), that hvhehcca's comments were a little heavy handed, but he is essentially correct. Sorry.

He is putting up a critical alarm in that in a significant % of installations, there is an issue of specifications or layout that could lead to a problem that a DYI won't be aware of till the walls are closed and it finally gets cold, or hot.

It's important for a homeowner to be aware of the risks to a large undertaking. Many will get away with it and never know how lucky they are.

I am an owner, not a tradesperson, but I always work out "the plan" with someone who knows, and I expect to pay for that knowledge somehow.

It has nothing to do with competency in running pipe and installing components.

Do Your Homework!


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