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How to repair stairs after carpet removal

When I moved into my house it was already carpeted and after a while living there I decided to remove it. Last weekend I took up the carpet but the way the carpet was put on was unusual for me. The previous owners who had the carpet installed had the carpet put up on the wood moulding.

Upon removing the carpet from the moulding upstairs and on the stairs I had to remove several nails and staples used to put the carpet up on the moulding. Being as the wood moulding was painted white like the walls how would I repair it to paint?

I'm not that good with this stuff and I guess it's moulding but I bought some of the white stuff you patch holes with for walls for this job. On some parts on the stairs the wood part comes apart from the wall and it's a big gap in there of at least 1/4 inch plus nail holes and staple holes.

Is there anyone that can offer advice on what to do about this?

Re: How to repair stairs after carpet removal

On the molding that is pulled away, hold a piece of wood up against it an tap it back in place with a hammer. Hitting the scrap wood with the hammer will help prevent dinging the molding. If you are repainting it use painters putty (here's directions for use http://crawfords.com/c/htmlos/00249.1.1566597405413791882/Putty_Directions ) or you can use drywall compound but you need to let is dry throughly before painting, or even paintable caulk. Whatever you use I would recommend that you prime the patches before painting.

Re: How to repair stairs after carpet removal

Thanks for the reply I'm going to read the article..

Just one more question after I tap the wood and possibly put a couple of nails in there I want to sand down the moulding that was damaged.

Should I sand now or should I sand after I apply the putty and then sand again?

Re: How to repair stairs after carpet removal

Ok thanks for the advice, will make that a project for this weekend coming up.

Thanks again.

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