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How to repair a splatter painted wall?

When we bought our house one of the rooms had been splatter painted, presumably by a 12 year old--there are huge drips all over the walls. We tried sanding the thousands of paint drips but after hours of trying with no luck we just painted over the drips and lived with it...it was the guest room after all.
Fast forward four years and now we are moving our daughter into that room and I do not just want to add another layer to the mess in there right now. Any tips on how to make the walls smooth again?

Re: How to repair a splatter painted wall?


If you want to return to a smooth wall, I would sand the wall, not to try to totally smooth the wall, but to knock down the high spots. Then I would skim coat the entire wall with drywall compound. It will probably take a couple thin coats. Follow up by sanding the room using a drywall sanding block loaded with 100 grit paper or sanding screen. Follow up with a coat of drywall sealer. The sealer might highlight flaws you missed. Just touch up those areas with compound and spot prime. Now you are ready for paint of your choice.

The process is a little messy and dusty, but it is not brain surgery. Don't forget to seal off the room during the sanding and turn off the furness or A/C until the dust settles.

Tacoma John
Re: How to repair a splatter painted wall?

Ordjen is right, skim coat the wall. When you skim coat it, do one coat up and dowm, then do second coat side to side starting at the top. Sand between coats and check your work using a bright light.

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