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How to repair a leaky AC

My problem is that my AC unit is leaking badly from the piping attachment from the unit to the condensate pump. The past owner of the home apparently had someone to repair the attachment to the unit by placing duct tape around the pvc pipe to allow the condensation to flow to the pump. Looking at it, it appears like the pvc piping was broken off inside, so to do a temporary fix, a rubber tube was installed through the pvc pipe, which was covered with another tube and duct taped to the unit. It was then clued together. At the present time, the entire pvc tube has been detached due to the leak. How do I fix this?

Re: How to repair a leaky AC

There is a drain pan inside under the evap. coil that collects the condensate, there is 3/4" male adapter that screws into the pan, from what I can see in the pics you have to replace the male adapter and repipe to the pump, hopefully the pan if plastic isn't broken or if metal isn't rusted. Good Luck!!!:)

Re: How to repair a leaky AC

That is probably one of the worst looking repairs I've seen all month. The drain pan under the "A" coil will have a 3/4" metal pipe sticking out through the casing and it will have 3/4" male pipe threads on it. You will have to remove any insulation, pvc pipe and rubber hoses to get to it. Normally you would use some pipe sealant and screw on a female adaptor. From there you would use the required 3/4" pipe, elbows, and couplings with pvc solvent and glue to arrive at the pump.

Re: How to repair a leaky AC

The drain pan has internal threads hence female not male, the 3/4 adapter has threads on the outside hence male, you nee a 3/4" male adapter, 3/4" 90, 3/4" PVC and maybe a couple of 3/4" couplings. You can use little bit of Rect O Seal on the threads to ensure no leaks.

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